How to Learn New Things Fast?

Live as You Die Tomorrow Learn as You Live Forever — Mahatma Gandhi

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Every one of us wants to learn and many of us try hard but very rarely succeed. Because learning without knowing how to learn is a waste of time.

We are in the era of the internet and technology where you will find information about almost everything that you could think of. So, why not to learn “how to learn” before going for learning.

Learning is a skill that takes time and dedication. Every one of you wants to learn faster.

Why not, we have almost conquered all fields, and thanks to neuroscience that shows us the best possible techniques that will help you to learn faster.

Let’s improve ourselves, why to learn in old-style by going to libraries and reading books. There are best methods if you introduce those in the learning process then your learning will improve by a good number.

Let’s learn “HOW TO LEARN?”:

Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn

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Teaching is learning. So, start your lectures on what you want to learn. Try to lecture someone, consider them in front of you.

Because when you learn for teaching others your mind gains more information. Your mind will help you to go to the state of flow. Your brain pushed by the fear of getting blank in front of others while teaching. Your mind will not distract, it will focus on one thought of learning.

Learn in Time Blocks

When you are learning try to learn in time blocks. Because our brain is not wired for working 5 to 10 hours without a minute break. The exception is everywhere, you are not Leonardo or Einstein and most of us cannot work 5–10 hours without any short break.

When you work in breaks like 6–8 minutes break after 40–60 minutes learning, then there are higher chances for retaining more. And if you work more than 60 minutes you are more likely to forget what you have learned.

Short and consistent steps go far. Working in breaks will improve your consistency as well as you are more likely to master it. You will retain it for a longer period along you will have clear thoughts about that field.

Try to Write What You Learn

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As we know that writing helps us in many ways. It can also help you in learning fast because what you write by yourself is your thoughts and opinions on what you have learned. Writing helps you in organizing your thoughts, you are less distracted, more concentrated, and focused.

Writing your notes about some theme and considering the thought of teaching others is the best combination to learn faster.

Repetition is the Mother of Skill — Tony Robbins

When you learn something new always repeat it after one week or a month. Because you cannot learn everything in one go, so learn and repeat, it is the best thing.

Our minds always prefer repetition. Things you repeat will be with you rather than of learning whole in one day.

A study conducted shows that if you repeat something after taking sleep then your learning improves and you will retain more. Because taking sleep in between two learning sessions helps your brain in remembering it faster.

When you try to repeat something then don’t go for the same which you did earlier. Now go for its modified version because it helps you learn faster than just repeating the same thing a couple of times.

Be Mentally Prepared to Learn

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To learn faster your brain should work perfectly. Because when you try to learn something new your mind has to work hard to adapt whole information that all senses are throwing. But when you are not fit — I don’t mean to have a six-pack but a having good mental and physical health — your mind has to work harder than before.

In that case, you are wasting your time by learning rather you should go for good health before. While learning many of you forget to drink water that makes you dehydrated. That where your brain gets too much pressure.

A study conducted shows that those who brought water bottles in exam hall did better in the exam than those who didn’t.

Diversifying Your Learning Methods

Don’t rely on one method of learning. Many of you when they learn they either use documentation — reading books and other’s research or text — or go for someone’s online course.

That’s fine but you can enhance your learning by diversifying your learning ways. Because when you read books, read articles from blogs, watch videos, or listen to podcasts on one topic, now you are getting too much. And your brain’s more parts involved in your learning.

This gives a boost to your learning as well as you have now too many standpoints about one topic rather than having one.

Notes by Hand

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The Pen is Mightier than the sword, and it’s true in the 21st century. We always think taking notes by hand is time-consuming and using a laptop or tab for notes is faster. But the reality is that the notes you take on the laptop don’t help you. After taking notes that are not helping you then it is a waste of time.

Notes you take with hands yet they are time-consuming but are very helpful in the long run. Because writing with hands helps you to avoid distraction along with your brain’s part are more active while writing with hands.

How to Take Notes

Everyone is focusing on taking notes, but no one is talking about how to take notes. If you don’t have the skill of comprehending something and taking out information that will be helpful for you. As well as throwing out or leaving information that is of no use for you.

There are many things that you should look at while taking notes but you can’t learn everything. I will recommend you to go for Cornell Method. It is the best way to for taking notes that are going to be helpful to you as well as for others.

Learning the skill of learning.