How Do You Read Effectively and Quickly?

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“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free” — Frederick Douglass

Reading is a skill, and as with other skills, it takes time to become an effective reader. Yes, every one of us can read but very little are there that can fully understand the deep thought of the writer.

But many of you have a desire to become an effective and efficient reader. A reader who can quickly read a book as well as retain more.

You make mistakes when you chose what to read. Yes, many of you don’t have any idea of what they are reading, and when they complete a book, they retain nothing.

Reading is an attitude, reading starts before you read the latter of a book. There are many things you have to know before you come up with a decision either to read this book or look for another.

You read books that others recommend you. That is the truth, you don’t go on the search of a book that may change you.

And when you read a book without knowing any background about that book, you get bored reading it.

An effective reader looks for the best authors first not for New York Times bestselling books. Because if the author is captivating to them then there are more chances that they will love its work as well.

So, before buying any random book that may or may not you love to read, first go and research about the whole background — what types of books you have read, what you love to read, and other stuff.

I have mentioned some of the key points that will help you in becoming an effective and efficient reader:

Go for Summary First, Rather Than Complete Book

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Many of us read the book either based on its rating or someone’s suggestion. That is the mistake we make. Because a book is not for everyone. It may be good for someone and might be worst for someone else.

Everyone’s teste is different. If a book helped others. They enjoyed reading it, but it may or may not help you.

That’s why don’t start reading a book first. Go for its details, go if possible, contact the writer. If not, then go and read a summary of the book.

Because if you start reading it and you may or may not enjoy it, then you will either waste your time. Or your confidence in reading the next book will be zero. You will end up with the conclusion that reading is not for me.

Go for the outline and summary of the book. It gives you the best idea of whether this book is of my test or not. If it is, then it’s best. If not then go for something else that you may love reading it.

Get Familiar with the Surrounding

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You need to know the related details about the book — author, the purpose of writing this book, what ideas the author wants to convey, and pretty much other stuff.

When you know all these things, now you can decide whether this book worth reading. What ideas and new learning I will get at the end.

And it’s not mandatory to read the complete book, first page to last. Just go through the big ideas that are new for you.

Because an average book’s most part is rewritten information that a couple of times you know already.

Try to Read Fast — Improve Your Reading Speed

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When you a novice reader then you will face distractions while reading. It’s normal, many of us face it. And due to this, we spend too much time reading one idea of the book. Sometimes we read it a couple of times and don’t come up with acquiring something.

So, how do we avoid distractions and stop our minds from wandering somewhere else while reading?

Read fast. Yes, it is the best practice for you. Reading fast is like driving fast. Fast driving needs your full focus, your mind doesn’t wander. And when you read fast, your mind has to process it very fast. And this will help you to retain more from a book.

The average adult reading speeds it 300 words per minute. And a speed reader could read 15 times faster. So, have an eye on this fact. At first, you will face difficulties in reading fast, because your mind is not wired in that way. But after some time your mind will adapt it and you will love reading fast.

Give More Time to Reading

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Many of us in a shortcut that how they can read a book in a week by just reading five minutes a day. Think about it, how bad it is. Many of you think that they don’t have extra time for reading.

Maybe you are lying to yourself. Or not. Warren Buffet — Considered to be one of the most successful business people — reads 5 hours a day. And you can’t.

An average person spends 40+ hours a week just watching Tv, on social media, or other kinds of stuff. If you spend ¼ of that a week then your reading will improve.

So, reading fast will not help you along with this you have to give more time for reading.

How to Retain More

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We have talked about how to read faster but what about remembering it. If you don’t retain anything after reading it then how that reading can be beneficial for you. That is why you have to learn the skill of retention as well.

The best practice for this is to visualize what you have just read. Because when you create an accurate picture of what you have read than it helps you in remembering it.

Because our brain is more fascinated with pictures. It helps it to remember information that you have read.

Knowledge Shared is Equal to Knowledge Square…

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Yes, it is a good practice to retain more. Because when you share with others, you repeat what you have learned from a book. And repetition is the mother of skill — Tony Robbins.

It will encourage others also to read that book. And when different people read a book, they end up learning different things. Because reading is all about mentality, attitude.

And again, when they will share with you, now you will have different perspectives on one book. This will benefit you in learning new skills quickly.




Learning the skill of learning.

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Learning the skill of learning.

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