Handwriting vs Typing — Who Wins?

But, our new generation or pretty much everyone doesn’t know the value of this. Because they can get everything comfortably in their life. Due to this their mind don’t want anything that takes hard work. Your brain doesn’t want pain. It goes for things that give you pleasure.

The same thing in the case of handwriting, your brain has to work hard. It has to push his limits. And in the case of Typing, you don’t have to work hard. It’s very easy for your brain to type. Typing doesn’t need any conscious attention.

And things that don’t challenge you — hard to perform — don’t change you. Writing something with a pen and a piece of paper is challenging. That is why it’s too beneficial.

What you write has more chances of retaining than typing.

If you want something new to learn faster then start writing about that with a pen. Your brain will adapt to new things about that field faster.

When students take notes, they prefer to take notes on a computer or tab. It is a faster way to take notes of large information. It saves you time.

But handwritten notes are challenging to take as well as they consume more time.

That is why handwritten notes are better. When you take notes your brain process the whole information and it is easier for him to recall when it.

There are a lot of benefits of writing by hand, few of them are as followed…

Writing Helps You in Memorizing

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Many of you get blank what you have read or seen when they recall it. Yes, it is normal. We forget 80% of what we read in 24 hours. So, don’t think that you have any mental issues.

Then how do I remember what I have read? Simple, write about it with pen and paper, don’t type it on the computer.

Research conducted on the compression of typing and handwriting; results are much in the favor of handwriting. Researchers intend was to come up with a result weather typing which almost everyone has chosen over handwriting is how useless for you.

In this research 50 plus adults took part, and they were divided into two groups. One group was asked to write by hand while the second group was directed to type on a computer. It is no more a lie that every one of us is more fascinated with technology, and these participants too.

These participants were not informed of any kind of word recognition exam at first. Now participants were given a list of words and one group was asked to write by hand and the other was to type on the computer.

Participants were not time-bound for this task. After completion of this, they were given complex multiplication tasks to solve. The purpose of these multiplication tasks was to distract them.

Now it’s time to take the recognition test. Participants had given 5 minutes to recall the words they had written and typed. Results showed that those who write had recalled more words than in the case of typing. Along with this, the incorrect words were less in case of handwriting than typing.

Handwritten Notes vs Typed Noted

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“When you work on something that only has the capacity to make you 5 dollars, it does not matter how much harder you work — the most you will make is 5 dollars.” Idowu Koyenikan

This line best suits you when you take notes on a laptop or a tab. These notes are very easy to take as well as you can take notes pretty fast. And these notes might save your time and energy but they don’t complete the intend of taking notes. Yes, these types of notes don’t help many of you.

But, if you take notes by hand, they will be time-consuming and are very difficult at first. But they are very helpful not only for the who take it but for everyone who goes through it.

While taking notes with hands your brain has to work hard, and you push your brain too hard. As well your all senses come into play.

Writing improves your learning, it’s a fact. And while writing with hands expands your learning fast. What you write with your hands, retains more. Because while with pen needs your coherent focus and dedication. Unlike typing where you don’t have any idea what you are writing, you’re habitual of pressing the key, now you don’t have to think deeper.

Always go for handwritten notes, they are hard, time-consuming but they worth it.

Handwriting and Creativity are Related

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“You can make anything by writing.” — C.S. Lewis

In this world, if you are not creative enough then you will either work under other’s supervision or land up somewhere which you don’t like.

Creativity helps you in innovations, it will be easy for you to solve complex tasks. Imagination is part of creativity, if you are not creative enough you won’t be good at imagination.

You might think of how handwriting helps your creativity. Yes, it does. When you writing on a piece of paper, you don’t have any limitations. You can write what you want, you can draw what comes to your mind.

But when you are typing on a computer then you are bound by the computer’s limitation. Computers are fast at computations but they cannot improve your creativity.

When you write on the computer you will write what you have already read, you will only rewrite them. But in the case of pen and paper, your mind gives you more ideas. You see all the possible directions.

Writing with hand needs your full presence as well as and time. It is like an exercise for your brain. How physical exercise improves your body strength, same writing does. It pushes the boundaries of your mind.




Learning the skill of learning.

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Learning the skill of learning.

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