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We always think that what if I use 100 percent of my brain. Yes, you are using it. Many of you may hear of this line, “Humans use only 10 percent of their brain.”

Yes, I did believe this until I read about Barry Gordan. Barry is a neurologist who says that the assumption of 10 percent is a myth. We use all of the brain’s capacity. So, from today don’t think that you are not using your whole brain.

As I mentioned above that we use all of our brain capacity, and there is something else that is also more famous that is the left/right brain. We have given titles to others based on the left and right brain.

If someone is who is better at logic and analytical work then he uses only the left brain on the other hand if someone is creative and intuitive, he uses the only right side of the brain. But this is more a myth than a fact.

You always use both halves of the brain, not one side. They both work in a pair, not in isolation.

To know how does our brain reacts to writing Martian Lotze a German researcher conducted a study. In the study, he conducted some experiments with writers — expert and beginner writers. For this experiment, he didn’t give computers but wanted them to write with their hands.

He conducted experiments in two parts. At first, he conducted with those who had no background in writing. When they wrote a fictional story, they found — by using fMRI scans of the brain — that their brain was more active.

But when they just copied some stuff from other text their brain was not active as compared to when they started to write from their own fictional story.

The same way he conducted with expert writers. He came up with many surprising differences. The expert writer’s brain was more active in the region of speech.

He said that may be beginners are filming their story while experts are building the story with their inner voices.

Researchers also found that in the case of experts their brain’s caudate nucleus was active. This region is related to the skills that require practice.

This region helps you in automation, like work you do often many times, you become an expert on that, it can be sport or exercise. But in the case of beginners, this region was not active.

So, the more you write the easier it will be for you to write. Because your brain will adapt your writing skills.

The brain is more active when we write, in simple words writing is like an exercise for your brain. If you write on daily basis your brain will be more active.

And if you want to learn critical thinking then the best thing for you is to start writing. Writing helps you in becoming a critical thinker.




Learning the skill of learning.

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Learning the skill of learning.

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