8 Powerful Benefits That Writing Gives You

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Writing gives you vision; it gives you a new perception. When you write, you experience new dimensions, you discover new aspects that were unknown to you before.

There is no doubt that writing has benefits, yes it has. And those who write such as writer, teacher, or someone else are having these benefits. You can also have these if you learn to write by just writing.

Writing helps you to express yourself fully. While in verbal and non-verbal communication you are always left with something in your mind that makes you clatter. When you try to express your thoughts with the help of writing, it’s more effective. Writing makes your communication deep; you can express all your emotions in writing. Writing helps you to empty your minds.

Let’s see what other benefits are there for writing…

  1. Writing Helps Us in Recalling Our Best Moments
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In everyone’s life, some moments made them happier, sad, and enthusiastic. Those moments will not be reexperienced. Many of you forget those moments which filled colors in your lives. When you start quoting those moments through writing, you automatically recall those moments. Because writing makes you in a state of flow, where you can enjoy those moments again.

2. Writing Makes Ideas Immortal

Ideas are of no use if you are not writing them. You almost forget what you have read or seen in just 24 hours. If you start writing those ideas then they can be any time brought into practice. Because writing is immortal. As an example of Rome, they didn’t write, they build structures. Now we are left with nothing about Rome, those structures are no more with us. Your writing will not help you but as well as it will help others too.

3. You Can Improve Your Communication Skills

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Writing makes you think in detail. In writing, you have to be specific without destroying the whole communication. It helps you to find the best possible arguments while writing. You choose words that make your writing more elegant. In writing each sentence conveys the idea of the whole paragraph. This helps you in your verbal communication as well, it becomes more fluent and beautiful.

4. Writing is a Brain Exercise

Everyone goes to the gym to make their body look perfect. But no one of you thinks about your brain, it should be fit as well. Writing can help you; it works as a mental exercise. By writing you are exposing your brain to more ideas, more perspective. And it helps your brain to be more active, more prone to new things. You can develop critical thinking by writing. Writing strengthens your mind; it is the best medicine for mental illnesses.

Your productivity levels increase very high when you start writing. Because the more you write the more your mind interacts with new possibilities. Your mental health improves and your work productivity also increases. It is a very good practice to write things because now you will not forget them and you will work on them.

5. Writing Gives Shape to Our Thoughts

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The worst thing with many of you is that you are not able to convey your thoughts to others. If we cannot express what you are good at then how you will get what you deserve. So, by writing, you are developing your skills. These skills will help you in interacting with others in complex tasks effectively.

6. Makes Us Happy

Stress is not good for your health; it is the basic cause of many diseases. For decreasing purpose many exercises can help you to with stress and writing is one of those exercises. You can decrease your stress by writing all that is making you low all day. By writing you throw out toxicity, negativity. You feel happier after writing.

In our life, we come across many harsh times. Where everything feels against us. In those times if you start painting those moments of your life in a notebook through writing then it can be beneficial.

7. Writing Improves Learning

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In the 21st century if you want to improve yourself, want to learn more then you should acquire knowledge. Yes, knowledge. It helps you in each aspect of life. And writing is the best way to acquire knowledge. Because “Writing to knowledge is a certified check.” Writing something in your own words will live longer with you than just reading it. Writing makes you think about all the possible standpoints.

8. Writing Can Helps You to Discover Your Passion

Writing makes you happier and gives your life more meaning. Many of you are still unknown to your full potentials, they don’t know what they love to do. In that case, you are living someone else’s life. writing helps you to realize yourselves, by just keeping a journal of what you have done in life will help you in figuring out what will be best for you. It will help you in making decisions in your future.

In the era of technology, we have forgotten how much writing benefits us. Today many of us have forgotten how to write for someone, how to share our emotions and love in the piece of writing. So, if want to make yourself awarded with these benefits then start writing. I am not saying to write a book, you can have the same benefits if you are just keeping a journal of what you are doing regularly.




Learning the skill of learning.

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Learning the skill of learning.

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